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3D printer hot bed platform: can be installed on the heating bed and glass platform, suitable for Ender-3 and so on.
2-in-1 construction board: A board is flexible and magnetic, easy to remove from the construction platform and take away the printing model. B board is bonded to the construction surface with 3M adhesive.
Please note: the plate is magnetic, and the temperature (recommended from 50 to 80 degrees Celsius) should not exceed 80 degrees. So it is not suitable for ABS. If heating exceeds 80 degrees, its magnetism will weaken.
Reuse and remove easily.
Separate bending model. It's more convenient.
It doesn't need the beauty of paper and scrapers to help model.
Printing does not distort edges. No glue is needed.
It can be printed on the cold bed.
Please note that:
Please leveling the floor before printing.
Please do not contact the A panel directly with the heating nozzle.
Size: 235MM*235MM for Ender 3 printers  310*310MM for CR-10 CR-10S printers
Packaging List:  1set magnetic platform sticker (1pc A+1pc B)

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