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1.The lead Screw is used for general machine tools, 3D printing
2.The Coupler is zero backlash,and Designed to help compensate for misaligned parallels and axial
3.Has good performances,low friction coefficients and long usage spans
4.Good wear resistance and strength, high accuracy, hard to rust
Packing List:
2PCS Zinc Alloy 8mm Inner Dia 55x13x30mm Pillow Block Bearing
4PCS Aluminum 8mm Innner Dia 42x32x11mm SK8 Linear Rod Rail Support Guide Shaft Bearing
2PCS Aluminium Alloy D19L25 5x8mm Flexible Shaft Coupling
4PCS 8mm Inner Dia L34.5mm SC8UU Linear Bearing
2PCS 8mm L300mmLinear Shaft Optical Axis( or 330mm/ 350mm/400mm/ 450mm/500mm/600mm)
1PCS Stainless Steel & Brass L300mm D8mm 8mm Lead Screw Nut( or 330mm/ 350mm/400mm/450mm/ 500mm/600mm)

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